Mobilize your advocates with AdvocateHub

Influitive’s AdvocateHub is advocate marketing software that helps B2B companies capture customer enthusiasm, and use it to turbocharge marketing and sales efforts.

AdvocateHub allows marketers to build advocate communities and invite customers, partners and employees into it to complete “challenges” like referrals, reference calls, product reviews and more. As advocates complete challenges, they earn points, badges and levels that can be used for a variety of perks and privileges.

AdvocateHub is available anytime, anywhere as a web portal, integrated to your website using AdvocateAnywhere or on mobile via the Maven app. AdvocateHub is also tightly integrated with to provide full visibility for your sales and marketing teams.

Referral ScreenshotB2B referral programs that rock

Referral leads are 10 to 20 times more valuable than direct sales or inbound web leads. Yet very fewB2B referral programs are successful because they rely on manual, poorly targeted or ill-timed campaigns soliciting leads from existing customers or partners.

Influitive Referrals offers a refreshing, new approach to referral automation based on a simple, rewarding experience for advocates. It’s a comprehensive suite of tools within AdvocateHub that make it easy for B2B marketers to ask for referrals, and enjoyable for advocates to participate.

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Generate awareness and increase sales through word of mouth marketing

Four out of five people will tell an average of three others about a positive experience they had with a company. There’s a collective name for those four people: they’re called advocates. They can do more for your business via word of mouth than the best salesperson on earth.

Using AdvocateHub, you can inspire your best customers to share content on social media, post genuine product reviews and ratings, and create powerful testimonials and case studies that will make even the most skeptical prospects take a second look at your company.

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Create Thriving Communities

With 70% of online communities expected to fail, Influitive Communities offers fresh approach that boosts your brand reputation, demand generation and pipeline – instead of just reducing your support costs. A comprehensive solution that marries powerful member management capabilities with sophisticated advocate marketing features, Influitive Communities helps you create thriving customer communities boost member engagement and drive revenue.

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Create amazing experiences for your advocates

Events consume 20% of ‘modern marketing’ budgets, yet half of CMOs admit that they struggle to make a business case for investment in them.

Whether it’s an event like a conference, trade show, product launch, or key campaign, advocates can help you maximize the impact of all your strategic marketing efforts when effectively mobilized. AdvocateHub Experiences are customized areas within your existing hub dedicated to helping you maximize advocacy around events, launches, or other key campaigns.
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Leverage the wisdom of the crowd

Your advocates are the best source for feedback and ideas that will help your teams feel the pulse of the market like never before. Get immediate feedback on your latest marketing campaign, your next product release or get ideas for sessions for your next user event .

Integrate advocate marketing with Salesforce

Advocate Marketing Salesforce

Influitive is tightly integrated with, allowing you to quickly and easily invite customers into your advocate marketing program, and then track their activities in Salesforce. In addition, any Salesforce user can ‘nominate’ a contact to become an advocate, or the invitation process can be triggered automatically.

As a result, every review, testimonial and referral that an advocate completes is associated with them as an activity on their contact record in Salesforce.

Influitive’s AdvocateHub also offers deeper integration for automatic referral tracking and reference management, as well as a set of standard dashboards that can be customized to show the impact of your advocates on sales opportunities.

Measure the impact of advocate marketing

Advocate Marketing ReportingTo maximize the impact of advocate marketing programs on campaigns, sales and revenue, B2B marketers need to understand what motivates their advocates.

AdvocateHub offers intuitive reports and visual dashboards to analyze activities and advocates’ behaviors and then drill down into details. Reports come equipped with various filters and segmentation features that let you get more answers and insight from your data.

Increase engagement with the best possible advocate experience

VIP ScreenshotThe key to a thriving, vibrant advocate marketing program is providing an exceptional experience for your advocates. Influitive’s AdvocateHub makes it fun and rewarding for advocates to promote the companies, products and services they love most. Through a custom-branded advocate portal, your advocates are invited to participate in a wide variety of opportunities while getting recognized for their efforts. As advocates complete challenges, they earn points, badges and levels which can be used for a variety of perks and privileges.

Turn roving customers into raving fans

Influitive Maven ScreenshotMaven by Influitive lets marketers reach enthusiastic fans, customers, partners, employees and evangelists when they’re away from the office. An intuitive app for iOS devices, Maven offers advocates dozens of ways to promote the companies and products they love. Users can write reviews, provide testimonials and participate in a wide range of campaigns and immediately see the result. Go mobile with Maven and get your advocates talking about you from anywhere.

Engage Your Fans Anywhere

Advocate AnywhereYour customers and partners are already spending time in your product, website and other web properties like your partner or customer portal. How are you capturing their enthusiasm? Influitive’s  AdvocateAnywhere feature helps  marketers discover and engage advocates at their moment of success through embedded widgets that can be placed in cloud applications, web pages, landing pages, communities or blogs. Request customer satisfaction or net promoter scores, gather product feedback, generate product reviews or get referral leads – there are dozens of ways to tap into your advocates’ passion with AdvocateAnywhere!