We now have almost 1k of our customers in our hub! Our customers love our new program and tell us that they are more engaged with our company. (Read my full review on Quora.)

Jenni Adair Director of Public Relations, Aerohive

Our company wanted a more structured referral process in place, to generate more leads from our existing, and happy, clients. We also have been able to establish stronger relationships with our clients, to help reduce churn rates.

Jillian Zacchia Content Manager & Advocate Marketing Executive, Acquisio

Easy to use and direct engagement with unlimited customers & prospects. Basically a brand-new channel for driving deeper engagement, trust and velocity. (Read my review on G2Crowd here.)

Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing

Within 3 months of launching, we were able to generate 100+ quality product reviews! (Review my G2Crowd review here.)

Tiffany Beddow Customer Marketing Manager, ON24

The platform is relatively intuitive and easy to use, and they are constantly improving it. It has been very well-received by our customers! (Read my review on GetApp.)

Rebecca Lee White Community Manager, TrackMaven

We have over 250 engaged advocates that leave third-party and app reviews, submit referrals, participate in case studies and testimonials and will speak on our behalf. (Read my review on AppExchange.)

Heather Pepe Sales Enablement Manager, PGi

Through Influitive, we have been able to build a smart and strategic customer engagement strategy that has had a GIANT impact on our organizational goals. (Read my GetApp review here.)

Francesca Krihely Senior Manager, Content Marketing, MongoDB

The product is fantastic, well thought out, and a very powerful tool in the right hands. And the support team goes out of its way to make sure your hands are the right hands.

Noah Slater Former Community Manager, Engine Yard

AdvocateHub by Influitive is the future of marketing because it puts your advocates in a position of influence.

Spencer Duncan North America Reference Coordinator, Ceridian

We have been able to leverage our advocate relationships to quickly generate new content, capture priceless feedback, and help spread the good word about important updates from our business… running a hub is SO. MUCH. FUN.

Lindsay Faria Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, Intronis

Having used influitive now for nearly 2.5 years now, I can say it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools in my arsenal. It not only helps me shine in my company, it gives me opportunities to grow my brand and experience.

Kevin Lau Customer Retention Marketing Manager, NetBase

I’m a huge fan of the technology and the overall movement behind customer advocacy. Influitive is easily the best available for developing an active customer community.

Pierce Smith Former Content Marketing Manager, SpringCM

In terms of benefits, we have generated more than 100 high-quality referrals, tripled our LinkedIn group membership, recruited over 50 new reference customers, and generated a solid pipeline of customer success stories. And we’re just a few months in.

Davin Wilfrid Customer Marketing Manager, Intuit

We’ve been thrilled with the results so far. The Hub makes it easy to go to a large audience of customers when you need something from them – a quote, a speaker, or just product feedback.

Angela Higgins Director, Customer Engagement, Code42

Influitive has helped us take our referral program to a new level — it gives our team the ability to engage more frequently with our partners and understand their preferences, needs, and motivations.

Sarah Rolfing Manager, Demand Marketing, Five9

Influitive is a bad-ass platform! (See why in my case study post here.)

Michael BeahmSr. Marketing Manager, Blackbaud

Couldn’t imagine not using Influitive’s AdvocateHub. (Read my GetApp review here.)

Margaux Eleina Novak Product Marketing Manager, Virgin Pulse

I have seen benefits that have exceeded my expectations! One of the first things I’ve done with AdvocateHub paid for itself for at least 5 years! (Read my full Quora review here.)

Kim Ellis Director, Strategic Marketing , BMC Software

We started using Influitive AdvocateHub just a few months ago and now have 1230 advocates with more joining every day! Get ready to revolutionize your marketing!

Liz Pedro Vertical Marketing, Mitel

Influitive provides the most flexible and powerful customer advocacy platform for growing your advocate community and engaging with them in a fun and educational way.  (Read my IT Central Station review here.)

Chris Peltz Customer Success Operations Manager, HP Software

I have been doing customer marketing for many years, and it’s so nice to finally work with a company that so fundamentally understands customer experience and satisfaction.

Natalie Salser Director, Customer Advocacy, Neustar

Our job as marketers is to acquire, keep and grow customers – Influitive helps with all three.

Meagen Eisenberg CMO, MongoDB

As a relatively new user the usability is unmatched!

Andrew Ahern Customer Success Manager, Brainshark

Influitive is a great example of a modern company that gets it.

Nancy Zambrano Former Content Marketing Manager, ShoreTel

Influitive makes it very easy to rally a community of potential advocates to help us promote our products and solutions. (Read my G2 Crowd review here.)

Jacob Lehrbaum Former Director of Marketing, Engine Yard

It allows us to scale word-of-mouth marketing and create customer loyalty. (See my TrustRadius review here.)

Allison Wahl Former Customer Success Manager, Brainshark

The Influitive team is a customer obsessed company creating a tool that enables and empowers your advocates to do just about anything you need them to. (See my review on Trust Radius here.)

Jenny Berthiaume Former Director of Customer Culture, Oracle

The Influitive AdvocateHub makes it easy to reward and recognize customers and employees for the stuff we ask them to do all the time, like providing references, sharing content on social media, participating in PR and so forth. (See my G2 Crowd review here.)

Amber Newman VP of Marketing, AMTdirect

Xactly’s advocates drove 262 recommendations, follows and shares, contributing to making it one of the LinkedIn’s most visited profiles in 2012.

Robyn BeDell Former Customer Success Manager, Xactly

I’ve been consistently amazed at the onboarding process (and this is coming from my experience from being an inbound marketing consultant at HubSpot).

Jenn Steele Former Head of Growth, RecruitLoop