Mobilize advocates

Boost every marketing and sales campaign

There’s no better salesperson for your products and services than a happy customer.
But advocates do more than sell – they make every marketing and sales program better – more efficient, more authentic and more engaging.

Capture the best leads

Referral Screenshot

Less than 1% of all names B2B marketers add to their database convert into revenue. Meanwhile, leads referred to you by happy customers convert at 5X that rate! So why do marketers struggle to build effective referral programs? Influitive makes the referral process fun and rewarding for customers, driving higher engagement, more high quality leads, and shorter sales cycles.


Cultivate product reviews

Trustradius Challenge

Need more product reviews and testimonials? It seems like every week there’s a new website or community dedicated to publishing product feedback and reviews. Authentic customer testimonials represent the most visible (and searchable) ‘word of mouth’ marketing for your product. Influitive makes it easy to generate a flood of positive product reviews and testimonials on sites like LinkedIn, Quora and Appexchange.


Secure perfect references

Customer Reference

Tired of nagging customers for reference calls? AdvocateHub make it easy for salespeople to find the perfect reference and rewarding for the customer. Customer advocates are asked to participate in personalized reference ‘challenges’ that let them earn points, perks and incentives. Every reference call is tracked in so you can see advocates’ revenue impact. Finally, a reference process that works for the customer!


Get instant product feedback

Feedback Challenge

Beta programs, user testing, pricing surveys, naming feedback – great product management requires a constant stream of customer feedback. But collecting and consolidating this feedback can be tedious and time consuming. And what’s in it for the customer, anyway? AdvocateHub makes it easy to segment users into testing groups, get them engaged and collect meaningful data from your best customers.


Share content with conviction

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Great content attracts great buyers. But there’s a difference between content that’s been strongly suggested to you by an impassioned advocate and the stuff you find in promoted tweets. Less fickle than your social followers and more devoted than influencers, customer advocates share content enthusiastically and, most importantly, with the right people. Got content to promote? Rely on advocates to get it working for you.


Build buzz

Event Challenge

You’re not just hosting a customer event, you’re creating a lasting experience. That means you need to build anticipation and buzz before, during and after every event. Influitive helps you fire up event attendees in dozens of ways – like driving track session attendance, capturing testimonials, building buzz on social media and forging lasting connections between participants.