Create customer buzz: Give ‘em something to talk about

Generate awareness and sales through word of mouth marketing

Inspire customers to become name-dropping advocates

What is of mouth marketingFour out of five people will tell an average of three others about a positive experience they had with a company. There’s a collective name for those four people – they’re called Advocates and they can do more for your business via word of mouth than the best salesperson on earth.

What is word of mouth marketing and how can you mobilize your advocates to help?

First, you deliver great products and service, which are critical to getting advocates to talk about your brand.  Then you must not only join but also facilitate advocate conversations.

“You will get more word of mouth from making people happy than anything else you could possibly do.” –Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing

Help your advocates get the word out

A key component of any company/advocate relationship is open communication, and there are several ways you can invite advocates to have conversations about your brand, including:

  • Gathering testimonials and reviews for your product and service pages
  • Encouraging customers to post reviews, blog comments and forum responses on your site as well as other industry-relevant sites
  • Listening to and engaging with customers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Being present at industry events and connecting customers with prospects
  • Seeking PR in news and trade publications that are relevant to customers and worth talking about

Manage and maintaining happy advocate relationships

Keeping track of every portal where advocates are spreading the word about your company can quickly become overwhelming without the right technology.

Adopting software that empowers you to connect with customers in meaningful ways wherever they are talking about you is something to consider if you plan to:

  • Engage customers across a variety of digital channels
  • Reward customers for engaging with you
  • Measure your returns from word of mouth marketing efforts
  • Increase brand loyalty among followers
  • Turn browsers into customers and raving fans

What is word of mouth marketing and why is it so important?

  • Word of mouth influences 92% of all B2B purchases.
  • Before making a purchase, 59% of B2B buyers engage with peers who address their challenges, 48% follow industry conversations on a topic, and 37% post questions on social networking sites looking for suggestions.
  • More than 8 out of 10 IT decision-makers said word of mouth recommendations are the most important source when making buying decisions.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?